Geek Steam BBQ

AAQ (Almost asked questions)

You see Frequently Asked Questions on the internet all the time, but we have not been asked any questions yet, so this is a set of questions that we have almost been asked, but not quite.

What is hahening with the virus and all that?

We took a few years off, but we ar back now.

Can I come?

Yes. The event is open to anyone from the "world wide geek community". We don't actually know what this community is, so if you think you are a member of it then we will believe you. Guests and families are also welcome.

Do I need to book?

No, but do let me know you are coming. There will be plenty of space so don't worry about missing out. If you have not booked on the day please come and find me on site.

Do you have a Twitter account?

We do, and it's @GeekSteamBBQ, but please remember to register your interest if you are interested in coming as well as following us on Twitter.

Can I drive a train?

Possibly. Only club members can take passengers, but you can be trained to use an electric train, and we may be able to let a few people experience driving a steam train under supervision. It is not as easy as you might think.

Will there be food?

We will supply the BBQ to cook on, you need to bring the food for you to eat. If you are not able to being food yourself we will be able to go to the shop for you the day before. Just ask.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The event is being put on by a club member who is paying for the venue and basic supplies. It would be great if you could donate a few pounds to the club to help maintain the track.

Do I need to know anyone to attend?

No. This is a private event, but it is open to the world wide geek community. If you don't feel comfortable with that then get in contact with me and then you will know someone.

How do I get there?

By car, Colney Heath is best accessed via the A414 that is easily accessible from the A1M (J3), the M1 (J6 Northbound and J7 Southbound) and the M25 (J22). The postcode is AL4 0NJ (map). There is a bus service from St Albans and Hatfield stations and we might be able to arrange a lift if there is enough demand. More details on getting to the venue will follow.

Can I bring alcohol?

Well, yes, but be sensible. You will not be able to drive under the influence.

What if it rains?

Unless it is very bad we will still be there. There is a covered station building and gazebo to eat under. We also have it on good authority that many brands of raincoat and human skin are also waterproof. ;-)

Will there be wifi?

No. Amateur psychological support will be offered if you start suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I have a train of my own. Can I bring it?

If you have a valid boiler certificate then possibly, but get in contact and we shall see what we can do.

Who is organising this?

Alistair MacDonald and friends.

Did you know this web site does not render properly in IE6 ?

Yes. To be honest I was suprised when it worked in IE8, and why are you still using IE?

Will Mr Duck be there?

He might be. We shall see.

I can not make the geek event, can I come another day?

The club runs trains one Sunday a month over the summer and occasionally have other open days. More details are on their web site.

Is this the same old and outdayed web site that has been used for many many years?

Yes. It is on the list of projects to update. It is unliketly to make it to the top of that list.