Geek Steam BBQ

Geeks having fun on steam trains.

Steam Loco

What (is it)?

This is a special day where we have use of the ½ mile raised track at Colney Heath. There will be a BBQ available to cook on and we will be running a train around the track all afternoon.

When (will it be)?

Saturday August 26th 2023 (yes it is back). Gates open at Midday and things will get going proper after 1pm. The BBQ will be lit mid afternoon and we will run the trains throughout the afternoon.

Where (is it)?

The track is at Colney Heath and run by the North London Society of Model Engineers. There is plenty of parking around and there are buses from St Albans and Hatfield Stations. You may recognise the track from Bob Symes 1975 Model World (I watched the repeats), or you may not.

Why (organise this)?

Because we can. Why not? Because it will be fun. Take your pick.

How (do I sign up)?

The event is free to attend but let me know you will be attending by sending me an email. This is a big site so we have plenty of space.

The event is being arranged and paid for by a club member. Although you can attend for free please consider leaving a few quid in the donations jar at the event. This money helps pay for maintaining the track that is run entirely by volunteers.

Who (can come)?

The event is open to anyone from the world wide geek community, and that most likely includes you. If you are a geek, or know you are not but your friend think you are, then you are welcome. Guests and families and friends are also welcome.

More questions...

What? Are these answers not enough for you? Well we have another page of questions and answers, or feel free to contact me for more information.